The best European speaker

Emile Ratelband can quietly be called the best European speaker. During his 30 years of experience in public speaking, he performed in front of more than 3.700 companies. He, for example, captivated more than 45.000 Chinese business men during a 4 hour uninterrupted training about keeping focus and learning creativity! Recently, Ratelband was in the Velodrome in Berlin where he inspired 25.000 German sales people to always sell more than your target and how to create this attitude every single working day. After 5 hours of show, entertainment and training the crowd pulled him of the stage and he went crowdsurfing through the whole room. (This was one of my most inspiring happenings and at the same time one of my most dreadful moments in my life.)

Emile Ratelband tailor-made

Hire Emile Ratelband for tailor-made seminars and trainings, business presentations, day’s chairmanship, group sessions, product launches, private guidance and mediation. Major international companies like Oracle, Toshiba, Pamukbank, Philips, Apple, Whirlpool, Nuon, Philip Morris, Siemens, Mazda and many others preceded you, as well as Dutch companies like Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Daimler, Keukenconcurrent and Joylent (the fastest-growing start-up of 2016). Ratelband presents in Dutch, German, English and French. He is – thanks to giving many trainings in Russia, Turkey, Saoudi Arabia, Thailand and China – routined to speak and to translated simultaneously.

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Emile Ratelband

Inspiration & motivation

The seminars and trainings of Ratelband inspire and motivate. Examples inspire us to do the things we consider impssible. The motivation comes when we do exactly THAT what seemed impossible beforehand. To bring about a change or introduce new leadership? Emile Ratelband does it!

Ratelband has more than thirty years experience in teaching new skills, promoting personal development and giving management training. During his trainings, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the central concept. He also processes methods based on Bodylogics in his trainings, he adds a portion of Entert®ainment and a process of change is initiated with metaphors and stories. “Tsjakkaa” is the slogan. Ratelband gives his trainings entirely according to his own inspired manner, with striking methods like inspiration walks on glowing coal, jumping in pieces of broken glass and -together with your “not so nice colleague”- laying in a windowed bin with 100 mouses.

Firewalking and Entert®ainment

Firewalking is THE metaphor to make you feel and see that you can do more than you ever thought. Entert®ainment: Emile entertains and trains. Emile created Entert®ainment to, for example, to let the crowd come up with new ideas for 18 hours straight. With the combination of entertainment and training, the left and right part of your brains are activated, the female and male parts are triggered and the hard and soft side are challenged.

Training met glasscherven Training met glasscherven

Group sessions

Group sessions will be trailor-made for your company, like ‘Selling more and better’, ‘Communication patterns’, Bodylogics, HR, team buidling, marketing and generating free publicity. Emile visits your company, informs himself and writes specifically for your company a training with guaranteed results.

Ratelband inspires, motivates and creates new thinking patterns

To master a new skill is one of the hardest parts in our lives. Even though we want to change badly – there is always a sense of resistance in our mind and body. Ratelband has the exceptional quality that is required to take away a part of resistance. That can be done in 10 minutes with the 10-minute-resistance-change or a lote more intensive with the 30-day-method. But count on it that Ratelband inspires, motivates and brings about change! These changes during and after the seminar will bring about new thinking patterns.

Emile also trained prisons, police and universities

Not only companies and multinationals were already clients of Ratelband, but for a special rate Emile trained prions, police, economic affairs, special education, staff associations, foundations, social workplaces, universities, colleges, associations, service clubs, business clubs, women’s clubs etc.


Ratelband has more than thirty years experience in seminars and trainings based on NLP. He regularly announces in his seminars: keep learning. Keep moving. Motion is emotion. So logically also Ratelband keeps learning and he recently offers seminars and trainings based on his newest book BodyLogics (order here). That goes a step further than NLP. BodyLogics shows that each body has a different structure that is caused by the mood of the mother before and during the pregnancy, by the food the mother ate during the pregnancy and the use of wrong products during that period.

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Further explanation on BodyLogics (in Dutch):