Emile Ratelband is an entrepreneur in personal development, founder of Ratelband Research Institute and the Ratelband Foundation, author of 12 books, an experienced public speaker and motivator. He brought NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to Europe in 1987 and invented Bodylogics, Entert®ainment, Tsjakkaa Therapy and the 30-day-method and developed these theories and methods to the concepts that are these nowadays.

Emile has 7 children, a steady relationship with the woman of his dreams, doesn’t work but fulfills his mission, believes in health, family and gnostics, is age focus is to turn at least 94 years old and to then leave this world healthy and with pleasure when it has become a better place for everyone. He was responsible for the television program and infotainment How do I overcome my greatest fer (in Dutch: Hoe overwin ik mijn grootste angst) that aired for 5 years on the Dutch television at the beginning of this century.

Emile Ratelband

“The psychology of Improving Yourself”

No one is better able to convey the psychology of “Improving Yourself ” than Emile. Amongst his customers are multinationals, SMBs, freelancers, the Government, non-profit organisations and the individual who wants to grow faster and be empowered in the process.

He became a millionaire at 21 years old and after following advice of his financial consultant got bankrupt. A baker, fashion retailer, tour guide, fast food entrepreneur, pancake baker, real estate developer, politician, and with ‘poffertjes’ to the USA, was the first part of his training!

A personal bankruptcy in the USA caused him to be thrown back again on himself (1986), resulting in his contact with Tony Robbins and taught him for six months during day and night, wrote his first book, couldn’t find a publisher and published it himself (250,000 copies), wrote Tsjakkaa (325,000 copies), was the first Public Speaker in the Netherlands, had his own TV-show in Germany “Tsajkkaa Du Schafft es”, and ever since he is a frequently asked speaker in Germany, Turkey, Dubai, Russia, and recently in Thailand and China.

A man who lives a dream and who didn’t even know he had one!