More than 650.000 people followed a seminar or training at Ratelband Research Institute

For more than thirty years, since 1986, Ratelband Research Institute (RRI) is a leader in empowerment in Europe and Asia. More than 650,000 executives, managers, entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers, sales and employees of 3.700 multinationals and leading companies in The Netherlands, Germany, France, The UK and abroad followed one or more seminars, trainings, product presentations or group sessions at RRI. Emile Ratelband is the driving force behind RRI.

Emile Ratelband

RRI brought Neuro Linguistic Programming to The Netherlands

RRI has built up a wealth of experience in these thirty years. Emile Ratelband brought Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to The Netherlands. During his trainings and seminars, this NLP method is key.

Daarnaast ontwikkelde RRI nieuwe vaardigheden en trainingen voor management en persoonlijke ontwikkeling en verwerkte deze vervolgens in de trainingen en seminars. Zo hield RRI zich in de afgelopen dertig jaar bezig met Bodylogics, Entert®ainment, veranderen met metaforen en verhalen, de 30-dagen-methode, de 10-minuten-verandering, inspiratielopen over gloeiende kolen, springen in glasscherven en -gezamenlijk met je niet zo aardige collega- in een glazen bak met 100 muizen liggen. “Tsjakkaa” was bij veel van die activiteiten de lijfspreuk. Veel bedrijven gebruikten deze methode om verandering te weeg te brengen of nieuw leiderschap te introduceren.

RRI cooperated with – amongst others – Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Tom Peeters, Roy Martina and the monks of the Shaolin Temple. RRI provided trainings and seminars all over the world: in Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and China. Emile Ratelband is experienced in speaking Dutch, German, English and French and to be simultaneously translated.

Tailor-made trainings and seminars

RRI offers tailor-made trainings and seminars, but is also specialised in business presentations, product launches, private counseling and mediation. Multinationals like Oracle, Toshiba, Pamukbank, Philips, Apple, Whirlpool, Nuon, Philip Morris, Siemens, Mazda and many others were before you. For more information see the page Ratelband op maat.

12 books published in Dutch, but also in languages like Arabic and Chinese

RRI published 12 books with topics such as the expansion of consciousness, motivation, Bodylogics, relations, sales and child empowerment. These books did not only appear in Dutch, but also in English, German, Danish, Arabic, Thai, and Russian. Full booklist here.

Mission & vision RRI

The mission of RRI is to make this world a better place by providing the expansion of consciousness to those who are open to it. The vision is to let every individual grow, through our knowledge and experience, into a full citizen of the world.